Essential Yoga Books

21 Feb

Essential Yoga Books

Yoga is an enjoyable experience; it heals you, replenishes and repairs your body. It fights with certain diseases that attack your body, makes you sleep better, tones your body, and I can go on and on. But if you are a newbie, I highly recommend this yoga for beginners dvd.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to join a yoga class or are already attending one but are not seeing results, you need to seek knowledge. Below is a compilation of the essential yoga books every yoga practitioner needs to read.

The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness by Erich Schiffmann

Yoga is supposed to go beyond the physical, and that’s what this book will teach you to do. World-renowned yoga master Erich Shiffman is the first and only yoga teacher to introduce hatha yoga (vigorous exercises and breathing control) combined with meditation.

This type of Yoga is very active yet quiet hard to master, and that’s probably why it wasn’t done and taught by early age yoga teachers. Many now want to learn this yoga technique because it quickly yields great health results. The book is fantastic because it gives descriptions of hard postures but makes them learnable. It has great pictures for stories and an overall easy to understand explanation of some of the most sophisticated yoga techniques such as ujjayi breathing. Reading this book feels like having its author right there with you explaining every page.

Through its several meditation sessions, the book will help you learn how not to stress, to love yourself more and to achieve better sleep.

Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga can become complicated to master if you don’t know the yoga techniques. That’s why this book is essential. Written by the founder of a yoga technique called Iyengar yoga, this book can be trusted. Iyengar has won himself many titles including being named by time magazine of the top 100 most influential people in the World.

First, the book gives an ancient understanding of yoga and then gives several illustrations of various breathing and positions. It’s the essential book for any yoga practitioner be it new or old.

 The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Sri Swami Satchidananda

This book is ideal for yoga lovers who want to learn a little more about the spiritual aspect of Yoga. It teaches Raja Yoga, a yoga technique that emphasizes concentration and meditation. Its author is a Monk but maybe not a very obsessed one because, in his writings, he quotes the Vedic scriptures but intellectually and carefully explains their usefulness without adding a cult slant to lure people to join his religion. He adds to the book’s techniques and tricks that anyone can quickly master. Swami is said to be the first person to introduce Yoga to the west and based on Swami’s teachings, an institution called Integral Yoga International that trains and certifies Yoga teachers was founded.

Alkaline diet for yoga by Mariana Correa

Yoga is never complete without a healthy alkaline diet, and that is what this book will teach you. The author emphasizes that one must first change from a bad diet to achieve results with yoga. After explaining what alkaline foods are and how they help to boost your body both for yoga results and for general good health, the author gives you a guide to cooking 50 delicious alkaline recipes.

29 Jan

7 Inspiring Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

Here is the fact; you can’t be a great leader if you are always clueless. Leading your business to success requires you to be able to influence not only your targeted customers but also the people working under you. While it is almost impossible to get two entrepreneurs with different goals to think the same way, sharing thoughts can lead to success. And that is where books come in.

This post has covered the top 7 must-read books that have continuously influenced entrepreneurial minds across the globe.

1. The Start-up Playbook – written by David S. Kidder

The most challenging phase of every business is the start-up stage. If you don’t have the best strategy to get your business off the ground, chances are limited that you will survive a competitive market.

The Author, David S. Kidder is one of the most successful founders and has decided to share with you how he did it. The book covers everything from the making first phase of your start-up a success to coming up with an effective market strategy.

2. Deep Work written by Cal Newport

Many businesses fail to achieve their set goals due to lack of focus. It is hard to get more quality work done if you concentrate on other things different from what you are required to do.

Deep Work is written by a Georgetown’s Ph.D. professor to help you understand the meaning of focus and how you can completely invest on it to get quality work done in time. Cal Newport takes you through the fundamentals of focus that many business owners fail to realize.

3. Boost Your Sales Using Irresistible offers written by Lisa Sasevich

A real entrepreneur will do everything to ensure that his or her sales go up despite the level of competition in the market. While there are many ways to level-up your sales, no trick has proven more efficient than offers. Unfortunately, even coming up with luring offers is a task for many.

The fact is, no business is meaningful without sales and Lisa try to help understand the importance of feeling safe while selling your products or services. In her book, she has clearly highlighted the tips and tricks of creating an offer that will bring more money to your business.

4. A paperboy’s Fable written by Deep Patel

Entrepreneurship is never an easy journey for many. It requires you to sacrifice a lot, including your time and lifestyle. Point being, if you are not ready to persevere, it is likely that you will reach your goals. Whether you are a salesman or just a paperboy, being watchful, attentive and making an extra mile will make your business successful.

Patel’s Paperboy’s Fable takes you through a great example of perseverance. The Author tries to show you how you can achieve success by working hard as well as being dedicated to what you are required to do.

5. Winning through intimidation written by Robert Ringer

Getting into a new market can be intimidating, especially if you have to compete against giant companies that have been in the market for so long. I guess, you’ve witnessed small businesses rise from nothing to something the past years. The truth is, it is all about defying the odds.

Written by Robert Ringer who is also the author of the top-selling Million Dollar Habits, this book helps you understand the meaning of intimidation, why you get scared and most importantly, the steps you can take to avoid its effects. Robert Ringer gives you some tips on how to continue pursuing your dreams without focusing on things that might demotivate you in one way or another.

6. Start something that matters written by Blake M.

Many people want to come up with a product or service that sells, but can’t, not because they don’t have the money, but because they lack great ideas. The fact is, a good idea will sell no matter what. And that is why tech industries have been doing well compared to other sectors.

Blake M. is the founder of Tom’s shoes and tries to help you understand how he figured out an idea of a shoe brand that gives shoes to charity for every sale they make. The book gives you some tips on how to gather ideas, filter out the silly ones and select one that will help take your business to the next level.

7. Thinking, fast and slow written by Daniel Kahneman

Your business can be a success or a big failure depending on the decisions you make. Even with all the resources needed to take your business off the ground, wrong decisions can slow things down or lead to closure.

Daniel’s Thinking, Fast, and Slow was first published in the year 2011 but has maintained its position as one of the best seller entrepreneurial books in the year 2016. The Author who is also a renowned psychologist helps you understand the two important cognitive systems whose purpose is to shape the decisions and judgments we make every day.

The final thoughts

Learn from the best and find a mentor. My favorite entrepreneurial training is the 67 steps of Tai Lopez. There are many challenges in starting and growing a business. You need to come up with the best idea and figure out how to sell it fast. Doing this can be a hard process, especially if you are just starting. And that is why psychologists and successful business owners around the world have written books to help guide an entrepreneurial mind.

I guess you’ve come across many books that talk about how to become a successful entrepreneur. This list has compiled the seven famous entrepreneurial books that have inspired entrepreneurial minds to make right decisions, and I’m sure you will find them helpful.


31 Dec

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